Coronavirus and contingency plan for Hajj 2020

While the Muslims around the globe are eagerly waiting for the commencement of Hajj 2020 which will begin in the evening Tuesday, 28 July or (29th of July ) and ends in the evening of Sunday, 2 August (3rd of August depending on Islamic year of counting based on Moon sighting as will be announced by Saudi Arabia Authority (Yaumut Tarwiyah- 8th Zul- Hijah July 28th, 2020; Yaumul Wuquf- 9th Zul- Hijah July 29th, 2020.)


COVID-19 has slowed down the preparation but the Saudi Authority is on top of the situation due to concerns of public health of over 2 million pilgrims and yet to cancelled the Hajj 2020 but still looking at many options to manage the situation by April ending.

NAHCON which regulates all Hajj activities in and outside Nigeria, also stated that local Hajj preparation will continue pending the hopeful worldwide regressions of COVID-19 as quoted below: read more

As has been stated by NAHCON Chairman, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan, in many fora, as people of faith, NAHCON will continue with its local Hajj preparations pending the hopeful worldwide regression of COVID-19. Even with that, NAHCON’s Chief Executive Officer has assured that the Commission will not jeopardize lives of its primary constituents for any reason. The Commission will continue to monitor global developments on COVID-19 and will work in tandem with global best practices at all times. It is in the light of this that as Muslims, efforts of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, by extension, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to protect pilgrims from the harm of COVID-19, despite the economic implication on the country, is highly commended. The Kingdom’s benevolence in giving free prestigious services to over 1,200 Umrah pilgrims affected by the country’s Umrahsuspension and free healthcare services to even visa violators is indeed exemplary as an embodiment of Islamic principles.

On March 31, the kingdom’s Hajj minister, Muhammad Saleh bin Taher Banten, told state television: “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is prepared to secure the safety of all Muslims and nationals.

“That’s why we have requested all Muslims around the world to hold on to signing any agreements until we have a clear vision.”

The sudden rush at the last minute by April ending may not assist, that is why we are encouraging our esteem clients not to lose total hope of going to Hajj 2020 till final conclusion from the Saudi Authority by end of April.

Keep up your intention and continue with your Hajj preparation, in case if there is total cancellation of the Hajj process, we assure you of your deposit which may be returned or kept for next year’s Hajj 2021 in sha Allah base on your request.

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