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Benefits of Umrah


Benefits of Umrah
Virtues or Significance of Umrah ?

Have you ever considered above question?
Why millions still go to Umrah every year despite its lesser hajj understanding?

Have you ever understand the great reward obtainable for Umrah observance with Ikhlas (sincerity of purpose to please Allah)?


Hajj and Umrah Packages

Hajj Al Faozan Tours and Travels

Simply Awesome Hajj & Umrah Packages Thinking of the hassle free Umrah and Hajj packages? Al-Faozan Tours and Travels is your first preference. Being among top leading hospitality firm serving thousands of delighted pilgrims ( Hajj and Umrah) in Nigeria, West Africa and those in diaspora for over 15 years. Over the years, we have built alliances with numerous…


Umrah in my mind

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Did you miss Hajj 2021?

Sincerely, we all missed it together.
This September 2021, another Umrah batch will be visiting Mecca and Medina Let us do it now. Call us +234-8036479507, +234-8053648405, +234-8057665452
From next month 15th
Sept., 2021, another pilgrimage batch will be at Kaaba and Medina to please Allah and pray for ourselves, families, our communities, Nigeria and Global community.