Benefits of Umrah


Virtues or Significance of Umrah ?

Have you ever considered above question?

Why millions still go to Umrah every year despite its lesser hajj understanding?

Have you ever understand the great reward obtainable for Umrah observance with Ikhlas (sincerity of purpose to please Allah)?

When performed with the best of intentions, Umrah can help to cleanse the mind and soul of sin and negativity. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is said to have said, “Alternate between Hajj and Umrah, because both rid one of poverty and sins, just as the blacksmith’s bellows remove all impurities from metals like iron, gold, and silver.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Many people consider Umrah to be a “small pilgrimage,” whereas Hajj is considered a “big pilgrimage.” It is a sunnah, not an obligatory act, and Muslims are encouraged to perform it as many times as they are able throughout their lives, as evidenced by a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him), in which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says: “The performance of ‘Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed between it and the previous ones.” And Allah’s recompense for Hajj Mabrur (approved pilgrimage) is nothing but Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari)

Furthermore, until they return home, each Muslim who travels for Umrah is considered a pilgrim. “The performers of Hajj and Umrah are deputations of Allah Almighty,” the Prophet (peace be upon him) declared in a hadith reported by Ibn Umar. If they reach out to Him, He answers, and if they ask for forgiveness, He grants it.

Are you ready for Umrah? Umrah in my mind

  1. An opportunity to be the guest of Creator of this whole Universe:

Umrah gives you a unique chance to become the special guest of Supreme Creator of the whole Universe, who is King of all Kingdoms. The first and most pleasant benefit that pilgrims can get through Umrah is to be a guest of Allah Almighty where He SWT Himself hosts the one who spends his time and wealth to oblige Allah Almighty with pure intentions. Hazrat Abu Huraira RA reported that Prophet PBUH said:

“The guests of Allah are three: The Ghazi (the warrior who fights in Jihad just for the sake of Allah), the Hajji (the pilgrim who performs Hajj) and the Mu’tamir (the pilgrim who performs Umrah)”.

Reference:  Hadith No. 2626, Book of The Rites of Hajj, Sunan An-Nasa’i, Vol. 3.

Just the thought of being a guest of Allah gives shivers but this is the most beautiful feelings in the world. From the moment pilgrim reach there he can feel the strange calmness in himself. It benefits him to get the strange peace, pureness, cleanliness and satisfaction to his soul, body and mind.