Umrah-Ramadan 2020

ENJOY EXCELLENT UMRAH-RAMADAN PACKAGE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Our primary concern for you is to secure the closest hotels possible to reduce the stress of pilgrims and possible conveniences to have a hitch-free pilgrimage experience. More opportunity opens for those who can not afford huge payment for this Umrah at once, you can pay in installment. Standard Package 1 (Umrah-Ramadan)…

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How to go to Hajj without breaking the Bank? Pay Small Small Package for Hajj 2020

Are you planning to go to Hajj? But have financial challenges…. Hajj is an obligation that every Muslim has to perform at least once in life if the person can afford it and is in good health. Being the once-in-a-lifetime journey for Muslims, it requires a substantial preparation spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically. Going to Hajj could pose a…

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